So Long, Sparky

I’ll be busy with a Model UN conference this weekend, but I couldn’t let February 13th go by without acknowledging the death, fifteen years ago today, of Charles M. Schulz. Anything I can say about him is inadequate and I’ll ramble on more about Schulz, Peanuts, and what they meant to me later this  year, so I’ll keep this post short. Schulz was an icon of cartooning and one of my heroes, a simple, modest man who nevertheless created one of the most successful comic strips (maybe even the most successful comic strip) of all time. He is missed.

Oh, and welcome to the new site. Sorry about the mess. I’ll clean it up over the next few months.

Alex Adrian, 2/13/15

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I write things and draw things. Sometimes I do both at the same time. Sometimes I put what I wrote and drew on the Internet for people to see.

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