An Open Letter to Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush

Dear Governor Bush:

It is my understanding that you have some trouble with what term to use for the children of undocumented immigrants born in the United States and who are U.S. citizens under the Fourteenth Amendment. Specifically, you say that you wish to desist using the term “anchor baby” because it is offensive, but you cannot find a sufficiently short phrase. Although I am white and a Democrat and not a member of the national media, I think I may have an answer to your plight.

Call them Americans. The efforts of certain of your copartisans notwithstanding, they are American citizens. Most of them speak English fluently. They attend American schools, eat American food, watch American television, listen to American radio. They have the same rights as you or me. True, their parents are not in the country legally; but this does not concern them. They’re legally Americans, and you might (might) get votes from them if you treated them as such. Governor Bush, I think you’re one of the better candidates in the Republican field, and it breaks my heart to see you lower yourself to the level of Donald Trump.


Alex Adrian

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