I Give Up

Little hypothetical. Let’s say there’s a cartoonist who’s done work in both comic strips and comic books over the years. He’s pretty good technically. And he specializes in things you like. But this cartoonist–let’s call him Hank Lo–has a problem in that his sense of humour is weirdly puerile. Earlier this year he drew a cartoon mocking a controversial variant cover for a comic book starring a female character. This got him attention, so he repeated the stunt with a few other female superheroes. Then it got boring, and we moved on. A few months later, however, one of the Big Two announced that our Mr. Lo was the main artist on one of their new books, “The Completely Amazing Bulk,” written by, let’s call him Leg Trak. In apparent celebration, Lo produces another cartoon, this one depicting a Big Two superheroine bouncing bullets off her bosoms, one of which ricochets and hits a superheroine from The Other Company (the one that’ll be publishing “Completely Amazing Bulk”) in the head. Let’s say you like Lo’s style, but frankly have reservations about his humour and don’t know if you can support such a trollish and again puerile artist. What do you do? Must you turn off your conscience to enjoy something? It’s a question whose answer I don’t know I have. [Context]

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I write things and draw things. Sometimes I do both at the same time. Sometimes I put what I wrote and drew on the Internet for people to see.

2 responses to “I Give Up”

  1. xmenxpert says :

    It’s definitely tough deciding exactly when a creator’s behaviour should take precedence over their talent. Cho’s definitely come across as kind of a dick with the whole cover thing. (Though, funnily enough, his parodies of the Manara cover are actually far less sexualised than Manara’s was. His art is a lot less objectionable than Manara’s.) I wasn’t going to be buying Hulk anyway – I’m just not enough of a fan of Pak – but I certainly wouldn’t fault anyone for buying it.


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