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I don’t have the mental capacity to put out a full post this week. Instead, enjoy some random thoughts on things. Or, y’know, don’t. It’s a free country.

  • I have now seen the 1999 Wing Commander movie starring Freddie Prinze Jr. and it’s kind of wonderfully awful. The good: some of the performances, the set and vehicle design. The bad: everything else, including—especially—the costumes.  Also, everyone’s racist toward Pioneers, the first race of humans to expand into space.
  • Have you ever looked in the Facebook/Instagram comments or Twitter replies to a celebrity’s account? Don’t; they’re universally awful and a little creepy if the celebrity’s female. What exactly causes people to act like that, I wonder?
  • I try my best to ignore Rush Limbaugh and mostly succeed, but he cropped up again during the recent announcement of liquid water on Mars, and a thought came up. Rush is going to die soon, right? He’s, what seventy? He smokes (he may’ve quit, but the consequences of inhaling carcinogens for pleasure over the course of years can eventually catch up with you, as we learned earlier this year with Leonard Nimoy), and given his “male chauvinist pig—and proud of it!” persona, it’s unlikely that he goes in much for health food and exercise. He’s going to kick the bucket sooner rather than later, right?
  • I hate—well, “hate” might be a strong word—the term and concept of binge-watching with a passion.
  • I don’t get memes. I especially don’t get political memes made by and targetted at people of opposite political persuasions to me.

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