Not Really Sure What to Call This

Nostalgia for old TV shows, at least on social media, takes a few forms:

  1. An assumption that the poster was one of a privileged few to grow up watching the show (“who else remembers this show?”)
  2. Just the opposite, an assumption the show was universally watched by others around the poster’s age and a generational touchstone which upon further reflection contains messages of great social and political import (“this show was the realest shit on TV).
  3. Memes.
  4. Conspiracy theories that the show was produced by a joint commission of the Central Intelligence Agency and Ted Turner in the service of the Trilateral Commission and Freemasons (who are the same, really, but they’re organizationally separate, so you’ve got to list them separately) in order to indoctrinate kids into the New World Order [1] (picture a massively complicated, borderline illegible graphic connecting about 50 different, seemingly-unconnected—to you, sheeple!—into one organic whole).

None of these are really how I relate to media or how I related growing up, especially not 2—we didn’t have TV when I was a kid, so I missed about a million hours of brain-frying and only watched wholesome improving fare like VeggieTales, PBS Kids, and Star Trek: The Next Generation and read a lot of stuff that I probably shouldn’t have in retrospect [2]—so I’m usually a bit confused and out of sorts about this. I’m a bit confused and out of sorts about a lot of things. What’s disturbing is that I’m almost nineteen, so it’s my peers I’m out of touch with. Oh well…

[1] I accidentally typed New Word Order, which really sounds like it’s the name of a rap group.

[2] Yeah, there was fairly normal stuff like ElfQuest and every Star Trek tie-in novel available through the combined forces of the Timberland Regional Library System and Goodwill—and The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy—but The Schrodinger’s Cat Trilogy? That shit’ll fuck you up when you’re ten. I think it’d fuck you up when you’re older, but I haven’t had the opportunity to re-read it, so I don’t know.


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One response to “Not Really Sure What to Call This”

  1. Joseph Nebus says :

    Well, isn’t there also part of thinking about how great the show was and then remembering how none of the stories actually make a lick of sense?


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