Say Something Clever, Alex.

Okay, gotta say something about this week, if only because I’ve been slacking since May.

Here goes: I am nearly at the point of not having a rat’s ass to give about whether or not black, blue, all, green, pink with purple polka-dots, orange, zebra-striped, or all lives matter. And I know that sounds callous, but I just want people to stop killing one another. It’s that damned simple. Enough already, whatever–you know, I can’t do my whole aloof-above-it-all commentator routine, since I want to sneer in contempt or put my fist through the monitor. So, here’s what I’ve got to say: Stop murdering each other. More substantive content to resume eventually.


About docmagnus

I write things and draw things. Sometimes I do both at the same time. Sometimes I put what I wrote and drew on the Internet for people to see.

One response to “Say Something Clever, Alex.”

  1. poorlocavore says :

    Seriously. Is it THAT difficult? It’s not even having to actively DO something, but to not do a thing.


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