About the Author

Alex Adrian was born sometime after the fall of the Soviet Union in New Haven, Connecticut. He moved around a lot as a child, eventually settling in Olympia, Washington. He started the Diary of an Atomic Man—now Chasing the Rabbit—on Blogger at some point in 2010, and has been providing an uncaring world with his opinions ever since. He lives in Vancouver, Washington, through no fault of his own, and studies in hopes of bucking the grim economic forecasts sages have provided of Millenials being the first generation since the 1930s who will not do better than their parents [1]. In his “copious” spare time, he grouses about politics, writes and draws the webcomic Maple Street, spends far too much time on the Internet, and comes up with side projects at an alarming rate. He is bisexual, a Sagittarius, an agnostic Episcopalian (don’t ask how that works), and his personal politics vary from merely liberal to socialist. Contrary to popular rumor, he has never kissed the mayor of Boston. Nor is he the European Union’s go-to man for high-level international incidents. He is probably not a cyborg and certainly not the instigator of the Robot Uprising of 2022…we think.

[1] “’Course, it’d be hard to do worse…


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