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In Which I Don’t Get the Success of the Cars Movies

I’m not generally in the business of second-guessing the decisions of major companies, but I do have to express at a minimum skepticism at Pixar’s strategy regarding the Cars movies.

Specifically, I have no idea why the hell they’re the Big Tentpole Franchise that Pixar leans on for its revenue (non-Toy Story division). It—well, it’s a bit confusing, is what it is. I should admit up front that I’ve never actually seen any of the Cars movies except for like an hour of the first one in middle school (English class, I think? Maybe math or social studies? Probably a sub? I know for sure the class was being taught by one of my P.E. teachers, which makes it sound kind of like a dream, but I swear to God that this happened), so I could be missing something important.

And I’ll grant that I’m not the target audience for these movies; I’m just a bit too old and Pixar for me means the films that they released between A Bug’s Life and The Incredibles. By the time Cars 2 rolled around I was a high school sophomore and now I’m twenty and here comes Cars 3, like the slow, inevitable slide toward death.

But still, it’s maddening that I cannot seem to get a fucking grip on these movies. Why do they rate sequels, spin-offs, toys, an entire themed land at Disneyland? I seem to be missing something major, and I mean major, here. Read More…


Open the Door, Get on the Floor…

Pixar has just released the trailer to its upcoming feature film, The Good Dinosaur, set in a world where the dinosaurs never went extinct and evolved into birds and the asteroid that in our timeline caused the K-T extinction event just kept on truckin’. This is the first promotional material we’ve seen for the movie since its logo was released in I think November, and…

I think it’s good. The comedic timing when the asteroid misses the dinosaurs is good, and it seems to be going for a more “epic” tone, which is interesting. I’ve seen some reservations about their design, which I think I agree with–the glimpses of the post-non-event dinos we get here seem more fit for a video game than a Pixar movie. On the other hand, Pixar and dinosaurs–it’s like chocolate and peanut butter to my mind.

(Obligatory “hey, at least the CG looks better than Jurassic World, wort wort” comment here)

(And, because I can…

I can’t pass up the opportunity to reference such glorious post-apocalyptic/prehistoric 80s cheese. Alex out…)

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